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Knowledge is currency. Application of knowledge is power.

No matter what content you are studying, you should always be reading. Of course, read for entertainment; however, read for knowledge. Cultivate yourself so that you can discuss just about anything or comprehend various perspectives.

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Read, Read and Read!!!!!!!!!!!!


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1. Please review the links on the AP Syllabus page for updated information.
Students completed testing on Last Lecture on 8/12.
2. Several handouts were administered this week. Check to see if you are missing handouts.
3. Your binders should be in order.
4. Female Protagonist Paper Construction begins August 15th. The 650-700 paper is due in typed form via one of two ways: hard copy or electronically (

Summer Work

There has been some confusion concerning the summer reading work.
Please be mindful that all students must read Crime and Punishment and two other novels from the reading list. Along with the reading(s), students in all senior level English courses must read The Last Lecture.
1 Dialectical Journal and 1 Data Worksheet should be submitted Monday, August 8th. If another dialectical journal has been completed, please keep for study reference for the remainder of the school year to prepare for the AP Lit and Comp Exam.

What's Happening

TNAchieves 2016 meetings will begin soon!
Wrap up the last time to take the ACT. Find out your super score.
Apply to colleges, and search those colleges' websites for Scholarship opportunites! Choose at least three.
Gather info for FAFSA. Know the deadline.
Read  different types of literature/ genres as much as you allow.
Social Media presence is just as important as physical presence in regards to scholarships, interviews and college recruitments.