Bartlett High School


Welcome to my webpage and  Bartlett High School for 2016-2017!
This year I am teaching sophomore English and my planning is 4th period.
Feel free to email me( with any questions that you may have.
1st Q we will read the novel Night.
Students should keep notebooks organized and with them in class each day.
Vocabulary study will be ongoing.
Writing skills and grammar review will be ongoing.
Book club attendance and unused bathroom passes will earn extra credit.
I am using Edmodo for assignments and updates. Please check with your student for codes and passwords.
We will use Turn-it-in for writing assignments(mostly research papers).
I am available for tutoring on Thursday mornings at 6:30 and after school on Thursday until 3.
Looking forward to a great school year here at Bartlett High School!
Go Panthers!!!!
Go HOGS!!!!!
Virginia Hall
English 10