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Welcome to Mrs. Milligan's Webpage
I am so excited to be a part of the Bartlett City Schools system and to have the opportunity to work with our students and parents this year.  Our goal is to provide a supportive learning environment that will assist each child in achieving success and in becoming a proud member of the Panther community.  We appreciate your support and involvement in your child's education because as a "team" we can make 2016 the BEST year possible!


Recent Posts

Week of May 15th

Please define and complete all activities related to Vocabulary 30.  Quiz is on Friday.
Notebook Test is on Tuesday.  Itemized list of papers/assignments to be included was given out on Friday (May 12).
We are reading the play Our Town.  We are currently on Act 2.  A copy of this play is available on Mrs. Schwill's Edmodo page.

Week of April 4th

Crossword Puzzle and 50 word TEST will be on Friday.
We will being a unit on Pronoun Usage.  **See Edmodo for the powerpoint to be used as a review.

Wednesday 3/29/2017

Wednesday--(3/29/2017) students will view powerpoint (see Edmodo) on pronoun-antecedent agreement as review for the TEST on Friday. Remember that Review exercise I,J,K on page 184-185 are due Thursday.
Vocabulary 25 quiz will be Friday also.
**Please return your course verification sheets asap!!

Week of March 27th

Week of March 27th
We are on Vocabulary lesson 25. Quiz will be Friday.
We are continuing our grammar unit on Subject Verb agreement. Tentative date of TEST will be Thursday. Please go to the link provided to complete at least 2 exercises by Thursday that will assist you in becoming proficient with this skill. In the "search" box please enter (Tenth grade subject verb agreement) and you will find 3 choices.IXL Learning

Week of March 20th

Hope you had an enjoyable spring break!  Get ready for a busy week as we begin a grammar unit on subject-verb agreement.  Please view the attached powerpoint and complete the practice exercise by Wednesday.
Don't forget that the pre-ACT is on Tuesday.

Week of Feb. 27th

Monday we will begin work on persuasive essay. (See attached documents on Edmodo for help)
Tuesday-TEST on Julius Caesar
Begin group project related to Julius Caesar. More information to follow (SEE Mrs. Schwill's page).

Week of Feb. 20th

Week of Feb. 20th
**Be sure to bring your charged laptop to schedule classes for next year.
We will finish the play Julius Caesar so the TEST will be on Friday.
Progress reports will go home on Monday. Please have them signed for a bonus coupon.
Vocabulary lesson 22 this week. Quiz on Friday.

Week of Feb 13-17

CNN Student News article with 3-5 sentence summary is due Friday.
Vocabulary 21 Quiz Friday with sentences.
Julius Caesar Act 4 and beginning of Act 5
Guidance Counselor is coming to class Monday, Feb. 20th to schedule classes for next year.

WEEK OF FEB. 6, 2017

Students are out of school on Friday, Feb. 10, 2017
Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday.  Call guidance if you are interested in scheduling a meeting.
Vocabulary review this week (Voc. 16-20)--50 word test on Thursday.  Complete puzzle for review/grade.
We will continue reading Julius Caesar Act 3.  Study guides have been provided.

Week of Jan. 23, 2017

English progress reports go home this week (1/23/2017)
Vocabulary 19 words-quiz on Friday.
Julius Caesar Act 1 Quiz. We will continue reading-Act 2.
EOC practice test this week. Related writing assignment (paragraph) will be submitted on (Further details to follow).

Week of Jan. 17

Welcome back from the Martin Luther King (day of service) on 1/16/2017.
Report cards go home today (1/17/2017).
This week we will work with vocabulary 18 words.  Quiz will be Friday (no sentences).  We will continue to read Julius Caesar with a quiz following the completion of the study guide for each Act.
For further details, please check Edmodo and Mrs. Schwill's web page.

Week of Jan. 9-13

Hope you enjoyed your snow day of Friday.  This week we will be working with Voc. 17 words but we will take the make-up quiz for Vocabulary 16 on Monday.
Please remember that you have several assignments due including Vocabulary 16 sentences/GWU, Shakespeare web quest, Newsela article (Surreal), and CNN student new summary. You will be given time in class on Monday and due dates may be adjusted to compensate for our snow day.  We plan to begin reading Julius Caesar and completing study guide and activities related to this play.  Please continue to check our web pages and Edmodo for details on our lesson plans.