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Welcome to my webpage. Here you will find  basic information regarding the classes I teach and what we will have going on through out the year. Teaching is both a calling and a passion of mine and I take very seriously the job of educating young people.  Students will be challenged, but they will be well equipped to meet those challenges. My goal is that by the end of the year, students leave my class feeling prepared for the next level and equipped with skills they will carry with them into the world.

Recent Posts

Julius Caesar Coming Up!

We will begin reading Shakespeare's Julius Caesar on January 17th 2017. The text for the play is in our literature books, however students are encouraged to have personal access to the text as reading passages will be assigned outside of class. A side by side version of the play is most recommended as students struggle with Shakespearean language.

It's Time for A Separate Peace

All Students must have a copy of the novel A Separate Peace by John  Knowles in class on Wednesday October 26, 2016

Make up options for "Earn some back" day

All makeup assignments due Monday! Submitted via Edmodo
For Any missing V.I.C. or failed vocabulary quiz or test
Vocabulary Make up options include:
1. Create a keynote or power point presentation for a set of vocabulary words. Include one slide for each word. On the slide, include the word, defintion, an original contextual sentence and a visual which conveys the meaning of the word.
2. Utilizing set 4 or set 5 vocabulary, write a 3 paragraph essay explaining why its important to prepare yourself now for future plans and goals.

Night Option (for failing or missing Night Station grades or missing 4 square chart)
Write a 5 paragraph essay explaining what the three most important events were from the novel. Include textual evidence to support you selections.( 3 paragraphs for the 4 square chart)

"Earn some back" Day... 9/23/16

Friday, students in my standard classes will have an opportunity to earn back some of the points they may have lost due to low test and quiz scores. Several learning tasks will be available for students to choose from. Tasks will vary in point values. Earned scores from completed tasks will be averaged in with select low scores to improve the overall average. 
Any student missing a test or project will be required to complete a makeup for these assignments on Friday.

New V.I.C. Procedures

Students will now receive a new set of words every other week. This will give more time for the completion of V.I.C. assignments and the mastery of the assigned words.
* This week we will not complete V.I.C # 2. V.I.C. # 1 is still due.

V.I.C. Update

For you early birds who like to get a head start,  Set 5 has been added to the vocabulary page.  
V.I.C. # 1 for Set 5 will be due next Tuesday.
Set four vocabulary quiz will  also be Tuesday, 9/20. While all words will be covered on the quiz, our adopted words will be featured as a section of the quiz, being weighted more heavily than the other portions of the quiz.
Set four adopted words:
Acclaim, Blithe, Callous, Garrulous, Lampoon, Parsimonious