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Mrs. Wherry's Geometry Class

Welcome to Geometry! I am so excited about this school year and am looking forward to a great year of learning and fun. I am originally from Georgia, but moved to Memphis to go to the University of Memphis. I received my Bachelor's degree from UofM and am currently working on my Masters there as well. While I was at the UofM I also ran cross country and track and field. I fell in love with Memphis and am excited to begin my career here! Needless to say I am a big Tigers fan!!!! When not teaching, I enjoy being outside, trying new restaurants, playing sports, and hanging out with my wonderful husband. 
Below are some resources to help you get started with this class:
**NOTE: For those that came to B Ready Day, I have added one pack of white printer paper to the donation list for all students. In order to help your child be successful, I use daily guided notes, which requires lots of paper. Thank you in advance for all of your support!
Week of August 7th
The main focus this week is reviewing necessary algebra skills and beginning to build a foundation for geometry. Here are some resources (each link includes videos, interactive practice problems, and quizzes) to review any skills needed or provide extra reinforcement/practice. Khan Academy has tons of resources for many different subjects. When you click on a link below it will take you to a unit. I have specified which modules I think you will best benefit from completing. The modules are listed on the left hand side under "Progress".
All of these modules are fantastic for review; do not worry about doing "Analyzing the number of solutions to linear equations", Linear equations word problems," and "Linear equations with unknown coefficients"
Only focus on the modules named "Exponents properties review", "Radicals", and "Simplifying square roots"
Modules "Intro to Euclidean Geometry" and "Angles" go right along with Chapter 1. We will get to the modules "Polygons" and "Angles" later on
Week August 14th
We will continue to use the algebra skills covered last week, so please continue to review these skills as needed. We will also continue to work through Chapter 1. This week, however we will shift our focus to angles. All of the links from last week cover the content that we will discuss this week as well.
Week August 21st
This week we will finish Chapter 1 (therefore the links above are still applicable). The test will be on Thursday (24th). The following week we will begin transformations.
I am available for tutoring before and after school by appointment. So if you need help, come talk to me and we will find a time that works best.
Please feel free to contact me at
Room: M102


Upcoming Assessments:
8/11: 1.1-1.3 Vocabulary Quiz 
8/1: 1.1-1.4 Quiz
8/22: Chapter 1 Test