Meet our IT Instructor and Webmaster

Brian Brewer is beginning his fifth year as a teacher at Bartlett High School.  Before teaching, he spent over 20 years in the IT and Logistics industries.  He has worked in computer manufacturing, software development, logistics systems, network engineering, and computer support for some of the largest companies in the United States.  He serves as the school webmaster and teaches the Information Technology curriculum which allows students to gain industry knowledge and certifications.  The courses include:

IT Foundations - Covers the fundamentals of computer technology from assembly/components to PC security and troubleshooting.  Students work towards an A+ or Cisco IT Specialist certification in this class.  This is the introductory course in the IT curriculum.

Computer Operating Systems - Students learn about PC based operating systems from DOS to Windows, Mac OS/X, and some LINUX.  They also learn about server operating systems, specifically Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server.

Networking - This class introduces students to networking infrastructure fundamentals including routers, switches, hubs, administration, firewalls, and cabling.  Students work towards a Networking+ certification in this class.

CCNA - This is a new offering at Bartlett High School for the 2014-2015 school year.  After completing the networking class, students can opt to take the CCNA 1 (Fall Semester) and CCNA 2 (Spring Semester) courses.  These courses use the actual Cisco curriculum that is taught in classrooms in community colleges and training centers around the country.  These classes offer in-depth knowledge of networking systems/architecture and teach students how to configure and install Cisco routers and switches (which are the industry standard).  Students have the opportunity to receive the Cisco CCENT certification after completing these courses.  This certification is the first step in Cisco's professional development path.  Cisco certifications are seen as the benchmark in Networking knowledge, and are highly regarded in the computer industry.