Bartlett High School


Welcome to 10th Grade English

Tenth grade is an important and exciting year!  We will be reading a variety of literature, learning new vocabulary, brushing up on writing skills, and preparing for the writing assessment and TNReady test this spring.  We will be embarking on an exciting adventure, and I'm glad to have your child in my class this year! 

During the 1st Quarter we will be reading Elie Weisel's account of his experiences as a Holocaust survivor in Night

During the 2nd Quarter we will be studying rhetoric and how it is used in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.  (My personal favorite!)

During the 3rd Quarter we will be reading and discussing various short stories, and completing a research project.

During the 4th Quarter we will be reading and discussing the play Twelve Angry Men.

Feel free to check my weekly "posts"  for an overview of what we will be doing each week.  Weekly Agendas will also be posted in Clever.





Week of Oct. 7 - 11

Monday, Oct. 7 - Students will complete Voc. 8-2. Vocabulary 8 words: debut,  decimate,  decrepit,  defunct,  delectable,  demure,  destitute,  deteriorate,  detonate,  devastation.  Students will finish Night, and work on review sheet for test on Wednesday.  Students will also organize their notebook for the Notebook Test tomorrow, using the Notebook Check List that was handed our Friday. 
Tuesday, Oct. 8 - Students will complete Notebook Test using their notebooks.  Students will receive information on a mini project for Night which will be due Thursday.  Due to tests, mini project and ending the quarter there will be no additional Vocabulary assignment.
Wednesday, Oct. 9 - Students will complete Night Test.  They may then work on their mini project.
Thursday, Oct. 10 -  Students will have time in class to work on and turn in their mini-project on Night.
Friday, Oct. 11 - Students will complete Voc. 8 quiz and then watch the end of Oprah's interview of Elie Wietzel.  End of the Quarter.
Fall Break is next week!

Week of Sept. 30 - Oct. 4

Monday, Sept. 30 - Vocabulary 7 words:  condescend, condole, conducive, consolidate, constitutent, contemptuous, convene, crony, curtail, debase 
Students will complete Voc. 7-2.  Students will finish reading Chpt. 5, pp. 79 - 84, in Night and answer the study guide.  Students will begin reading Chpt. 6, 
Tuesday, Oct. 1 -  All 10th students will be taking a Pre-ACT test.  Because of the Pre-ACT test, there will be no additional vocabulary assignment this week.
Wednesday, Oct. 2 - Students will review Voc. 7-2.   Students will finish reading Chpt. 6, pp. 90 - 97 and answer the study guide.  Students will take a quiz over Chpts. 5 and 6 of Night.
Thursday, Oct . 3 - Students will complete G.W.U. 7-1 and Voc. 7-3  Students will read Chpt. 7,  pp. 98 - 104, and answer the study guide.
Friday, Oct. 4 - Students will complete Voc. 7 quiz.   Students will finish reading Night, pp. 104 - 114.  Students will finish answering the study guide. Students will receive a review sheet for Night in order to prepare for the test on Night.  
The Night Test will be Tuesday, Oct. 8.   The  Notebook Test will be Wednesday, Oct. 9.

Voc. 6 - 2 definitions

Coincidental  -   occurring together by accident


Colloquial  -  informal in language


Commence  -  to begin; to initiate


Commendable -  praiseworthy


Compassion -  deep sympathy


Compatible -  able to get along; agree; harmonious


Compliance -  the act of giving in or yielding; to yield


Composure - calmness


Conceive - to imagine; to understand


Concession– the act of granting; something granted

Week of Sept. 23 - 27

Monday, Sept. 23 -  Students will define Voc. 6 words:  coincidental, colloquial, commence, commendable, compassion, compatible, compliance, composure, conceive, concession.
Students will continue reading chapter 4 in Night, and answer the study guide.
Progress Reports will be sent home today.  Parents need to sign and return by Friday in order for student to receive a 10 point bonus coupon.
Tuesday, Sept. 24 -  Students will complete Voc. 6-2 and create an "Acrostic" for five of the Vocabulary 6 words.  (Try choosing the five words that are the most difficult for you.)  Due Thursday.  Directions will be posted on this website and on my Clever page.
Students will take a quiz over Chpt. 4 of Night and begin reading Chpt. 5 and answer the study guide.
Wednesday, Sept. 25 - Students will complete Voc. 6-3 and G.W.U. 6-1.  Students will finish reading Chpt. 5 and take a quiz over Chpt. 5 if time permits, if not the quiz will be tomorrow.
Thursday, Sept. 26 -  Students will complete Voc. 6-3 and G.W.U. 6-2.  Turn in Voc. 6 Acrostics assignment.  Students will begin reading chpt. 7 of Night and answer the study guide.
Friday, Sept. 27 - Students will complete Voc. 6 quiz.  Students will watch part of the Oprah Winfrey interview of Elie Wiesel.

Week of Sept. 16 - 20

Monday, Sept. 16 - Students will receive Voc. 1-5 review sheet.  Review is due Friday, and the Voc. 1-5 test will be Friday, Sept. 20.  
Tuesday, Sept. 17 - Students will need their fully-charged laptops in class today.  They will be completing a board mandated Benchmark test.  The test grade will be used as a possible grade replacement.
Wednesday, Sept. 18 -   Students will begin reading Chp. 4 of Night 
and answering the study guide.
Thursday, Sept. 19 - Students will continue reading Chpt. 4.
Friday, Sept. 20 - Students will complete Voc. 1-5 Test.

Week of Sept. 9 -13

Monday, Sept. 10 - Voc. 5 words:  casement, caustic, censure, charisma, clangor, clemency, cliche', clientele, closure, coffer.  Students will complete Voc. 5-2.  Students will begin reading Chpt. 3 of Night, and answer the study guide.
Tuesday, Sept. 11 - Students will review Voc. 5-2.   This week students will use the Voc. 5 words to write a paragraph correctly using all 10 words.  Vocabulary Context Paragraph will be due Thursday.  Students will continue reading Chpt. 1 and answer the study guide.
Wednesday, Sept. 12 - Students will complete G.W.U. 5-1 and Voc. 5-3.  The Vocabulary Context Paragraph is due tomorrow, Thursday. Students will continue reading Chpt. 3 of Night, answer the study guide, and take a quiz over the chapter. 
Thursday, Sept. 13 - Students will complete G.W.U. 5-2 and Voc. 5-4.  Students will have their pictures made for the yearbook.  Students will begin reading Chpt. 4 of Night.  Parent-Teacher conferences from 2:00 - 5:00 PM.
Friday, Sept. 14 - Students will complete Voc. 5 quiz.  Students will continue watching Eile Wiesel's interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Week of Sept. 3 - 6

Tuesday, Sept. 4 - Complete Voc. 4-2. bestride, bias, botch, bourgeois, breach, buffet, callous, canine, cant, carp.  CommonLit grade replacement opportunity that was assigned Friday is due today, no later than 12:00 PM.
Students will sign onto to create an account and to complete a Night writing assignment due Thursday, Sept. 5.
Students will finish reading Chpt. 1 of Night, and answer the study guide, and take a quiz over Chapter 1.  Progress Reports will be passed out.  They need to be signed and returned by Friday, Sept. 6.
Wednesday, Sept. 5 - Students will complete G.W.U. 4-1.  Students will have the choice of making 10 Vocab. Expert cards or "2 Truths and a Lie" for the Vocabulary 4 words for extra credit this week.  Students will begin reading Chpt. 2 of Night and answer the study guide.
Thursday, Sept. 6 - Students will complete Voc. 4-3 and 4-4.  Students will continue reading Night.  Assignment on TurnItIn is due today by 3:00.
Friday, Sept. 7 - Students will complete Voc. 4 quiz.  Last day to turn in signed Progress Report.  Students will watch video on Oprah Winfrey's interview with Elie Wiesel.

Week of Aug. 26 - 30

Monday, Aug. 26 - Vocabulary 3 words: assert, astute, atrocious, autonomy, axiom, balmy, bayou, bedlam, beguile, besiege. Students will complete Voc. 3-2.  Students will review timeline powerpoint and video on WW II and watch a video on Night, as background preparation for the reading of Night.
Tuesday, Aug. 27 - Students will review Voc. 3-2.  Use 5 of the vocabulary 3 words to create "Two Lies and a Truth".  Students will receive a study guide for Night.  Students will begin reading Night.
Wednesday, Aug. 28 - Students will complete G.W.U. 3-1 and Voc. 3-3. Use the remaining 5 of the vocabulary 3 words to create "Two Lies and a Truth".  Students will continue reading Night and answering the study guide. 
Thursday, Aug. 29 - Students will complete G.W.U. 3-2 and Voc. 3-4..  Students will continue reading Night.  Students will answer the study guide.
Friday, Aug. 30 - Students will complete Voc. 3 Quiz.   Students will continue reading Night and answering the study guide.  Students will be assigned another CommonLit assignment to be used as a grade replacement.  The CommonLit assignment is due Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Week of August 19 - 23

Monday, Aug. 20 - Students will either turn in their summer reading project or take the test.  Students will work with Voc. 2 words:  annihilate,          anthropology, antiquity, apex, appease, apprehensive, aptitude, arbiter, archaic, ascertain.  Students will complete Voc. 2-2.  Hwk:  Ask your parents/family why you were named the name that you have.  Where it came from or who you were named for, etc.
Tuesday, Aug. 21 - Students will review Voc. 2-2. Students will compete writing assignment on their name. Students will receive information on how to make Voc. Expert cards.  Hwk:  the students will complete 5 Voc. Expert Cards.
Wednesday, Aug. 22 - Students will complete G.W.U. 2-1 and Voc. 2-3.  Students will use their name paragraph to complete Name Tent assignment and turn in if finished.  Hwk:  finish Name Tent (if not finished and turned in during class) and the final 5 Vocab. Expert Cards.
Thursday, Aug. 23 - Students will complete G.W.U. 2-2 and finish Voc. 2-3. Students will sign in to Curve/Clever and Common Lit.  If time permits, students will be assigned an article to read and complete. Hwk: study for Voc. 2 quiz.
Friday, Aug. 24 - Students will complete  Voc. 2 quiz.  Students will complete an assignment in Common Lit  on the "Holocaust", read and take the quiz.  If students do not have time to finish the Common Lit assignment in class, it needs to be completed and submitted by Monday.