Bartlett High School


Welcome students and parents to US History.  My name is Zach Clark. I am very excited to begin this school year. I look forward to meeting all the new students and parents and becoming part of their lives. I hope we can learn from the past to help us influence the future. Please see the 2018- 2019 syllabus located on the right side coming soon.
We will use an online tool called CURVE to help communicate and complete assignments and lessons. Each class will have their own page. I will also add items to my webpage throughout the school year.
Thank you for viewing my page and being involved. Please feel free to communicate with me for any needs and questions.
I am a floating teacher so I change classrooms every period. Here is my floating schedule:
1st Period - M201
2nd Period - M107
3rd Period - A11
4th Period - W209
5th Period - M202
6th Period - M209
7th Period - Planning

Recent Posts

Turn it in

Please get all assignments turned in today. This includes extra credit. Let's finish strong get everything turned in. You can do it. If you haven't turned in your project please get that turned in.We need that grade. Please turn in it don't take a 0. I want you to suceed


Please check your powerschool today and see if you have any missing assignments. I need any missing assignments turned in Thursday. Also if you need to make up a quiz or test I will be at school at 6 am every morning this week. If you need to stay after see me.

Week of 9/17 - 9/21

Monday - Analyze Social Darwinism vs Social Gospel Movement assignment
Tuesday - Notes Gilded Age Politics
Wednesday - Assignment day - Vocabulary, Guided Reading, and Study Guide
                      Due Friday 9/21
Thursday - Review Day
Friday - Test 

Weekly Agenda Sept 10 - 14

Monday - Gold and Populism Notes 
Tuesday - Class Assignment Cross of Gold Speech
Wednesday - Notes Chapter 7 Section 1 - Immigration
Thursday - Notes Chapter 7 Section 2 - Urbanization 
Friday - To be determined 


I created a Remind group for the Class today. If you are interested in joining the class code is @a9c632

Open House September 11

Open House will be September 11, 2018 from 6 - 7:30pm. I will be located in the study hall room in the East Building. I will be there to discuss and answer any questions you my have about my class. If you would like to discuss anything about your child please set up a parent teacher conference for Friday, September 14,2018. 

Week of September 4 - 7

Tuesday - Chapter 6 Section 3 Notes and Powerpoint
Wednesday - Finish Chapter 6 Notes
Thursday - Review
Friday - Unit 1 Test

Curve Announcement

All Assignments and Powerpoint will now be uploaded to CURVE. The only item left on my webpage to view is the online textbook. I will upload the online textbook to CURVE soon. I will also do my best to add a weekly agenda to my webpage each week. 

Week of August 20 -24

Week of August 20 – 24


Monday – Finish American Revolution/ Constitution/ Amendments Review

Tuesday – Review Westward Expansion

Wednesday - Review Civil War

Thursday – Review for quiz

Friday – Quiz