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Mrs. Annie Tyner » Welcome to Biology!

Welcome to Biology!

I'm excited to be teaching you at Bartlett High School this year! I look forward to a great year with you all. In my classroom, our motto will be "determination plus discipline equals success" because every single one of you is capable of succeeding if you put the work in. I know that learning biology, or any science for that matter, can be intimidating. There is an emphasis today that says we cannot fail. But that's what science is about! We must learn from our mistakes and do better the next time!
Throughout school, I struggled with some of my science courses but I succeeded by spending all of my free time in a textbook or looking up videos in order to learn more. I was determined to graduate from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor's in Science in Chemistry. It was not easy but with a great support system, I was able to succeed even though I was never the smartest kid or even when I didn't do well on an exam. 
I will push each one of you to not be afraid of saying the wrong answer or not doing well on an exam. My goal as your teacher is to be a resource to you in whatever way you need and give you all the materials necessary to pass my class and the End of Course Exam in the spring! My class may be different from some of your other classes but I look forward to a unique learning environment and many "aha" moments. And always remember, determination plus discipline equals success!
Mrs. Tyner
Class Codes for Google Classroom:
1st Period: QIVJ1T
3rd Period: J3DU826
4th Period: RJD58
5th Period: XXQBSW
6th Period: 2TOL6N
7th Period: 3FXS8B
Class Codes for Khan Academy:
1st Period: BSB26EP2
3rd Period: ZKWX8V49
4th Period: X6X9U88P
5th Period: Q8QG6N8D
6th Period: MYYCJ5CA
7th Period: U63ZF7T6
Parents, feel free to join Google Classroom so you can stay up to date on your child's assignments! Now you can see if they have any homework or assignments for the week that you need to be prepared for! Khan Academy also has a way for parents to sign up and monitor their child's activity. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!