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About Mrs. Exley

Thanks for dropping by to find out a little about me! 
I'm married to a wonderful man named David Exley, who is a retired Shelby County Fire Fighter with a total of 34 years in his profession.  We will be married for 7 years this November.  He has 3 grown children through which we have 7 grandchildren!  I have 2 daughters of my own who are 16 (Madison) and 18 (Magan).  Madison is a Sophmore in high school and Magan is a freshman in college and will begin attending Austin Peay State University in a few weeks.  We also have 2 very crazy dogs, Diesel, and Gypsy!
I have been in the medical field for 27 years with 25 of that being in Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  I have been a Paramedic now for approximately 23 years.  When it was time to stop riding on the ambulance, I decided to teach all about the medical field that I have loved for so long.  I have done many "side jobs" in the medical field that I have enjoyed, such as ER Paramedic, working in Dr's offices, for Orthopedic Surgeons, recovering corneas for transplant and as a Medical Death Investigator, however, TEACHING is the only profession that I have found that I love just as much as the medical field and I am so honored to now get to teach about it!
I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you! My hope is to be able to teach you about the medical field and all of the wonderful, endless opportunities there are in a variety of medical careers while giving you a "real-world" view of such.  Hang on tight because you're in for the "ride of your life"!  And always remember, "Our greatest fear is NOT that we are inadequate.  Our greatest fear is that we are POWERFUL beyond measure."  ~Marianne Williamson

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