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Guten Tag!

Hallo und Guten Tag!
Ich heiße Herr Swann! (My name is Mr. Swann!)
Welcome to the German class page. 
Contact Information, Schedule, and "Office Hours"
The best way to get ahold of me for any matter is my school e-mail:
I am an open book, so feel free to contact me over any matter great or small. 
I teach at both the Freshman Academy (1st Period) and the High School (4th-7th). The earliest I leave the High School is 2:30 PM, and I welcome anyone that wishes to talk about anything or if a student needs help with their coursework. Please try to let me know if you are coming though, so that I do not end up leaving before you arrive. The only days that will not work are on Tuesdays and Fridays. We may have faculty meetings on Tuesdays, and we have German Club every Friday after school.
Student Coursework
Presently, Bartlett City Schools is using Curve, a Learning Management System that students access with their Powerschool ID Number as their username and password. Each class has their own page, and students have access to my rules, expectations, and grading policies there on Curve. Please, feel free to access their Curve account so you can familiarize yourself with the platform, as we handle every assignment on there in German class. In addition, I post helpful videos here and onto their Curve so they always have access to the lecture material. 
To access Curve follow these steps:
1. Go to (this site is used to access many of the programs BCS provides for students)
2. Login with your Powerschool ID as your USERNAME and PASSWORD
3. Select the "Curve" Application
4. If you do not auto-login, select the "Login with Clever" option on the login screen
5. Select your German class from the home page
Once in Curve, only deal with content on the "Lessons" page. Straying from the Lessons page tends to cause issues when accessing content, even though it may be tempting to click on "Assignments" -- they all appear on the Lessons page.

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