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Welcome! My name is Coach Murphy/Mrs. Murphy. This is my 3rd year at Bartlett High School and my 6th year of teaching! It is very important to me that each and every one my students feels safe, comfortable, and excited to learn in my classroom! I am eager to learn about my students, support them in any way I can, and help them pursue their goals! I expect students to be prompt, be prepared, be polite, be productive, and be patient
Class policies and information can be found for the specific courses in the menu bar on the right.
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at
Please note that all important and daily items will be posted in Canvas. Check it daily & frequently!
2021-2022 Semester 1 Schedule
1st - Psychology
2nd - Psychology
3rd - Statistics
4th - Psychology
5th - Psychology
6th - (Planning)
7th - Psychology
2021-2022 Semester 2 Schedule
1st - Psychology
2nd - Psychology
3rd - AP Psychology
4th - (Planning)
5th - Psychology
6th - AP Psychology
7th - Statistics