Brandon Carter » Welcome to Marketing!

Welcome to Marketing!

About Me:
I teach Marketing 1, Marketing 2, Advertising, and Entrepreneurship. I am the Boys Head Soccer Coach. 
Graduated Bartlett High School 2012, University of Memphis 2018, and pursuing my Masters at UT Martin.
Class Resources
Every student needs to have access to their laptop and it be charged. They will also need to have access to their School Email, Canvas, and ICEV .
We are working in a program called ICEV. If you need the access to it, email me. On ICEV there interactive assignments(right side) and printable assignments(left side) tabs underneath the powerpoint or video when you click on the lesson. Make sure you pay attention to your agenda which is posted on Canvas for what the assignment is and which tab it is under. You also need to ensure that you are in the correct lesson, I will state the name of the lesson and then the name of the assignment in your weekly agenda.