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Coach Woody Government and World History

About me:
I am originally from Memphis, TN and graduated from Bolton High School in 2005. I attended UofM for undergrad and grad school and have been teaching since 2012. The 2020-2021 school year will be my second year at Bartlett High School, and I truly love the time I have spent hear thus far! I am also the head coach for boys and girls varsity bowling, and had the honor of bringing home a state championship and a state runner-up title in my first year with the program! GO PANTHERS!
First Day: 
Every student needs to have access to their laptop and it be charged. They will also need to have access to their School Email, Clever/Curve, and Edgenuity.
All virtual learners and hybrid learners should log into Curve August 17th to find syllabus, weekly agenda, and course content. 
Virtual Learning: 
Hybrid students and virtual students need to login to curve everyday to answer the attendance question on curve by 7:20am.
Virtual learners will need to login to Zoom for every class on their schedule on Tuesday's and Friday's. 
My weekly agenda will also be put on curve every week. 
How to Access Clever to go into Curve:


Bowling: all required forms for participation

The attached file contains the following:
  • Physical
  • Parent consent
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Concussion
  • Bullying/Hazing 
 Please print forms complete and return to Coach Woody before tryouts begin September 8th in order to participate. Students at the 9th grade academy can deliver forms to main office at the High School campus or submit to Coach Woody at tryouts.