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Lifetime Sports

Lifetime Sports

COURSE TITLES: Lifetime Sports-One Semester

COURSE Credit: .5 (Graduation Requirement)
MAIL: PHONE:901-373-2620


Students in Lifetime will be exposed to a variety of individual, dual, and team sports that will provide lifetime carry over value. Students will be engaged in activities throughout the semester to improve their physical fitness levels.


  1. Uniforms:
    In an effort to provide student safety, encourage good personal hygiene and limit distractions in the

learning environment, students will dress in appropriate clothing.

When in the gym, students must be prepared for class by changing into appropriate footwear and athletic wear,

T--shirt, shorts, socks, and tennis-shoes are required. The t-shirt may not have any vulgar language or images and dark colored shorts are preferredand should come to the top of one’s knee.Shorts cannot be jeans or khakis and should not have belt loops.

  1. TEXTBOOKS: Not Applicable

Demonstration and Practice
Individual Skill Development Practice Small Group Skill Development Practice Lecture and Discussion
Tournament Play
Instructional Videos


Daily Attendance, Participation, and Punctuality Skills Assessment
Paper-Pencil Testing
PACER TEST- given once every quarter Observation


Class grades are determined by the total amount of points at the end of the 9weeks with the grading scale listed below. However, select assignments are worth a certain percentage (*) of the total Class Grade. Points are earned in several ways including, but not limited to Participation, Classwork, Test, Quizzes, Homework, and other Outside Assignments.

100-90 A
89-80 B
79-70 C
69-65 D
64 and below... F (YOU CAN DO BETTER!!!)

If students participate fully, work to the best of their ability, demonstrate sportsmanship, positive behavior, follow directions, are ready to learn and show a willingness to help others, they do excellent inthis class!


Students are expected to exhibit a proper work ethic and responsibility in the classroom. Disciplinary actions will be taken if students violate policies as stated in the student's handbook and/or the following physical education policies & rules. This may include loss of points, loss of privileges, administration intervention and/or loss of credit for the course.

No food or beverages will be allowed in the gym facility.

Students will report for roll in uniform five minutes after the roll call.
If a student is unable to participate in the day's activities, they must present a written note from a

Parent/guardian. The student will still be expected to dress out for class. If an illness/injury lasts longer than 3 days, a doctor's note is required.

The student must bring a release from a doctor to give the student permission to return to Activities after an injury/illness.


Electronic devices of all kinds will not be allowed in class.

HALL PASSES: No one will be allowed to leave class without teacher permission. 8.ATTENDANCE:

Students are required to attend class regularly.
Students are expected to be in class on time. Student’s arriving tardy to class will be

given an initial warning. If an issue arrives with being tardy, parents will be notified

and if it continues will be referred to administration. Truancy will be recorded if the student leaves the class early.


Students are responsible to keep physical education and street clothes locked up in their own lockers that are issued by the school.
Instructors will not open other student's lockers for any reason.
Please use your best judgment when storing belongings in the gym. Students are responsible for their personal belongings. Things of major value to a student should be kept in a safe place and if possible with the student. If students are not comfortable with storing valuables in the gym while in class, they should not bring those valuables to the class.

All students are expected to dress out daily.
Be respectful of locker rooms and other physical education facilities. Students should not utilize equipment unless directed by the instructor. Immediately report any injury or illness that has occurred during class time.