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Stein Schreiber Lee


I am looking forward to being your math teacher this year! We will work hard to become awesome mathematicians, but we will also have a lot of fun.

I cannot wait for the quadratics unit this fall I have something special planned!


I am a veteran high school teacher with 14 years of experience.


Last year I was selected to review the Algebra II curriculum for an entire district. The previous summer I helped to review problems for the Algebra II TNReady EOC test at the state level. Three years ago I had a gubernatorial candidate visit my classroom. In 2016 I was selected by the State Collaborative on Reforming Education(SCORE) for the Tennessee Educator Fellowship to advocate for students and teachers.


Before I became a teacher, I was an R&D scientist. I spent 8 years working in industry. I brought in over half a million dollars in research grant money to the companies I worked for, received a number of patents, and presented at national conferences.


The reason why I have a Dr. in front of my name is that I have a doctoral degree in polymer engineering. A doctoral degree is what professors have who teach college. And polymer is another word for plastic. I bet you already know what engineering is. See you are already learning!


I have other interests outside of science and math; I once taught ballroom dance, I do Crossfit, I have been on mission trips to the Navajo Nation, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, and Kenya, and I mentor a young man in Ghana. Also, I am trying to learn more Spanish this year. I have an amazing wife, Señora Schreiber who teaches at The Park.  My daughter is a freshman this year at Mt Holyoke College.


I also did this a few years ago with my students at the time.



Trifold Cover your Mess in Zoom

About to Zoom into class and don't want anyone to see any messes behind you, then try this trick. It worked for Dr. Schreiber or did it?