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My name is Jason Akins.  I have been teaching high school at Bolton High School in Arlington Tn. for the past 4 years.  I am also a Paramedic.  I have been in the amazing world of Emergency Medicine for a total of 14 years.  I use my experiences both in the world of medicine and my personal experiences in order to teach my students how to be better citizens and how they can be the best practitioners of medicine possible.  I believe there is a gap between what is taught in school and what actually happens in the world of work.  My goal is to narrow that gap and provide students with a realistic view of medicine and most importantly patient advocacy.


Due to the fact that we have a short week becuase of Easter weekend, I realize that some are concerned with the amount of work the two projects require.  

With this being the case:


You will be required to complete only one of the two projects.  You may either complete the Outbreaks and Epidemics for 100 pts or you may complete the Self Testing Kit project for 100 pts.  

If you complete both projects then I will use one as Bonus or grade replacement.


Good luck. Enjoy your weekend with family and friends.



Success is not guaranteed it is earned

Mr. Akins

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