Mr. Jason Akins » Week at a Glance March 8 Health Science

Week at a Glance March 8 Health Science

Health Science- Mr. Akins


Week at a Glance (March 8 2021)

*Students should log into Curve to access the full weekly agenda**




Assignments Due This Week:



  1. Edgenuity Disease and Disorder due March 12 by (2355) 11:55 Pm
  2. Objective Questions due by 03/12/2021 2355 (11:55 PM)
  3. Guided Notes due Feb 19 by 1700 (5:00 Pm)


Upcoming Test Date (Tentatively):  

Vital Signs Test Friday Hybrid A (03/10)

Vital Signs Test Hybrdid B Thursday 03/11

Vital Signs Test Virtual Friday 03/12





  1. Virtual students Zoom every Tuesday & Friday.  Zoom Links are posted in Curve.
  2. Students need to complete attendance in Curve daily.
  3. All guided notes are due on Friday by 5pm (1700) on Turn it in
  4. All assignments are due 11:55 Pm (2355) on Saturday 12/05/2020
  5. Submit all assignments via (Turn it in)