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Welcome back to the 2022 - 2023 school year. My name is Mr. Scott and I am excited about this school year. This year I have the privilege of teaching at the High School and the Ninth Grade Academy. The subjects that I will be teaching at the High School will be RTI ELA and RTI Math.  The subject that I will be teaching at the Ninth Grade Academy will be Algebra I. I am excited about the new school year and hope to impact the lives of the students that I have the privilege of teaching. 




The common goal of RTI is to help all students achieve high standards. It is the practice of meeting the academic needs of all students.  RTI contains the following key elements:  • High quality instruction and research-based interventions to meet the individual needs of the student. • Frequent monitoring of the student’s progress to make academic decisions. • Application of student data for important educational decisions, such as intervention, curriculum, instructional goals, methodologies, and placement. I am excited about this year due to the students returning to in person learning. I am looking forward to a successful and exciting school year.


Algebra I


The main goal of Algebra is to develop fluency in working with linear equations. Students will extend their experiences with tables, graphs, and equations and solve linear equations and inequalities and systems of linear equations and inequalities. Students will extend their knowledge of the number system to include irrational numbers. Students will generate equivalent expressions and use formulas. Students will simplify polynomials and begin to study quadratic relationships. Students will use technology and models to investigate and explore mathematical ideas and relationships and develop multiple strategies for analyzing complex situations. Students will analyze situations verbally, numerically, graphically, and symbolically. Students will apply mathematical skills and make meaningful connections to life’s experiences.


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