Reagan Ryder » Welcome to Latin, Etymology, & Mythology!

Welcome to Latin, Etymology, & Mythology!

Salvete, Omnes! 


I would like to invite you all to join the Bartlett High School Latin Club.  Our club is actually a chapter of the state and national organizations: the Tennessee Junior Classical League and the National Junior Classical League. 


Formed in 1955, the Tennessee Junior Classical League and its parent organization, the NJCL, are non-profit fraternal organizations whose purpose is to promote appreciation and enthusiasm for studying Latin and the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. Any junior high or high school student (7th-12th grade) who is currently enrolled in Latin, Greek, or a classical humanities course may join TJCL and NJCL. Any junior high or high school student who has completed two years of study in Latin or Greek is also eligible.


Our BHS chapter has been dormant the past few years, under these current challenging circumstances, but I am hoping we can bring it back to life!  Being a member of TJCL (and NJCL as part of that) looks excellent on your school transcript/CV, and as a member, students are also then eligible to participate in various contests and the annual state Latin Convention (April 2022).  The convention provides opportunities to excel in many aspects of Classical studies beyond just academics.  There are Graphic Arts, Dramatic Arts, Olympika, and Certamen (a Latin knowledge bowl-style game).  Having an active chapter means we will also be able to have a Latin Honor Society for 3rd year Latin students.


If a student decides to join the Latin Club, I am hoping to have 1x a month meetings after school, preferably on Thursdays, wherein we would elect officers, pick a community service project (or projects), play Certamen, and work on potential entries for the spring convention (Who would like to build a model of a Roman catapult and fire marshmallows?). 


In non-pandemic times, dues are typically $10 for the year, which covers the state fees, the national fees, and the chapter dues.  Because this academic year is still not quite the same as previous, the state chairs have decided to reduce the annual dues.  Click here to sign up!


If you have any questions, please let me know!  I have been a Latin club sponsor in Memphis for over a decade, and I am also currently on the board of TJCL faculty sponsors and student state officers. 


Thank you,

“Magistra” Ryder

Ms. Ryder helps students connect the modern and ancient worlds through teaching Latin, Etymology, and Mythology.  She also sponsors the Latin Club (Tennessee Junior Classical League).

Ms. Ryder was the Tennessee Classical Association’s Teacher of the Year in 2018, and is currently the Publicity Chair for the Tennessee Junior Classical League.  She is active in her professional community, and is a previous presenter at the Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association Conference.  

Ms. Ryder holds a BA in Classical Studies & Anthropology from Trinity University and MAT in Instruction & Curriculum Leadership from the University of Memphis.