Bartlett High School


Sponsor: Mrs. Diaz-Madero


The Spanish Club is for High School students enrolled in Spanish and to those associated to the Hispanic culture with the purpose of: promoting a continuous interest in learning Spanish, seeking to unite students of different levels to learn more about the language and culture to increase their knowledge and awareness of the Spanish-Speaking world with movie days, cultural events, outings, after school gatherings for conversation hour, and providing opportunities of community work.


The purpose of the Society is to recognize high achievement in Spanish by students of secondary schools and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic studies.  Each year members must engage in a certain amount of activities from each of the following categories: Academic Commitment (2), Community Commitment (3), Global Commitment (1), Chapter Commitment (4). Academic commitment may be defined in part as the following: current enrollment in a Spanish class, work submitted in consideration for publication in Albricias!, maintenance of an overall GPA of A. One-time dues of ten dollars ($10) at initiation: $5 national dues, $5 chapter dues.