Bartlett High School

Welcome back 2019-20!

Welcome back to you-know-what!  The break has been fab, but it goes quickly, doesn't it?  Now it's time to get back to some ARTMAKING!
I did some this summer and sold some stuff!  Here are some things I did:
Stayed pretty busy, huh?!  Okay, now for what we're going to be doing.  I will be teaching Art I, 2 Honors, 3 Honors, and AP Drawing.  As always, my main plan is to inspire creativity AND teach QUALITY ARTMAKING.  That includes the three C's:
1.  CONCEPT-what are you going to make?
2.  COMPOSITION-how are you going to put it together?
3.  CRAFTSMANSHIP-how did it turn out?  Did the media work well for you?  Did you use your chosen media with skill?  Neatly?  Is that what your intent was?  Messy(in a good way)?
We'll keep working on our drawing skills as well as gaining good technique with different media.
One thing I'm doing differently for ALL OF MY CLASSES is this:  EVERYONE MUST HAVE THEIR OWN PENCIL SHARPENER AND ERASER!  I struggled keeping those two things in supply.  It will be much easier for you to get your own (they're cheap) and keep up with them (you can stick them EASILY in those enormous backpacks you tote around)
We will still have a supply fee: $25.00 for Art I's, $30.00 for Art 2"s, and 3's, $35.00 for the AP Drawing Portfolio.
I think we will have a fantastic year and LET'S MAKE SOME COOL STUFF!

My Schedule
1st Period-Art 2 Honors
2nd Period-Art 2 Honors
3rd Period-Art I
4th Period-Art I
5th Period-Art 3 Honors
6th Period-AP Studio Drawing 
7th Period-planning