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Welcome to 20-21!

Welcome back to My Art classes!  It is going to be a strange year; this Covid virus has reshaped our lives in so many ways.  This year I will be teaching Art 2 Art Honors, Art 3 Honors, and the AP Drawing Portfolio.  My schedule is as follows:
  •  1st and 2nd Periods -Art 2 Honors
  • 3rd and 4th Periods are Art 2
  • Art 3 Honors is 5th Period
  • 6th Period is my Planning
  • 7th Period is AP Art
My room is in the new Fine Arts building, F101
The weirdness continues; since the CDC AND the TN Department of Health will NOT let us share supplies any longer.  Instead of paying me a supply fee for the communal set of art that we usually do, you will need to obtain your own supplies.  I am keeping the list simple and minimal; this stuff shouldn't be more than fourty dollars.  Everything can be purchased at Walmart (remember-go to the craft aisle) Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Amazon (purchasing a single Sharpie, charcoal pencil, or drawing pencil didn't appear possible)
  1. Soft lead, graphite pencil
  2. 1 Soft charcoal pencil
  3. Eraser and pencil sharpener
  4. 1 Thin black Sharpie
  5. 1 Ultra thin black Sharpie
  6. Super thin Micron or Uniball type pen, black and waterproof
  7. Set of colored ballpoint pens (as many colors as you’re willing to buy)
  8. Colored pencils; set of 24 (Prismacolor is the best but pricey, Prismacolor Scholar is less expensive)
  9. 16 Pan set of watercolors
  10. Colored markers (any kind)
  11. 9 x 12 Spiral bound Sketchbook (the “Mixed Media” is best since I cannot distribute paper.)
  12. Scissors, school glue, and a rulerBe sure to have something to keep your stuff in and with YOU; we cannot store your supplies.  I cannot hand out paper either, you will do your assignments in your sketchbook. 
Hi everyone!
I am getting a lot of questions about live Zoom streaming.  I do not plan on doing it for now; I am just not technically savvy enough to try to live stream.  Honestly, my art classes are studio classes meaning I really do not lecture, give quizzes, group you all together, worksheets, etc.  I usually just give instructions and show examples then let you work.  Now, I will POST the instructions and examples on Curve and let you work. I will be available through email, and we may try to set up Remind if you have questions for me. I am working pretty hard on keeping your assignments for now pretty simple with things you can do with pen and or pencil.  There is no way I can demonstrate new techniques for now like painting with acrylic, printmaking, etc. 
I will, however be available for Zooming on Fridays, but if you have questions before then, please feel free to contact me!  This is gonna be different, confusing, and difficult studio art classes are just not designed for virtual learning but it's all we have for now.
Okay everyone...I am having a difficult time embedding photographs of examples of the assignments I am trying to post for now.  Curve really isn't designed for visual/studio art classes.  I am going to try to post the photos on my Edlio webpage.