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Bartlett High School Art Department 2017-18

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to another school year of working on our drawing and painting skills! We'll also work on increasing CREATIVITY. We'll try to enter and WIN some contests this year! I think it is time to show the world what great talent we have coming through BHS!

I will attempt to post some images from last year to let you see what we did! Hang on, y'all!

Thanks for visiting my website-

Becky Bowers

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Welcome Everyone!

I know I am a little late posting this, but had a bit of password trouble!  We have been starting a new school year and things are going quite well.  Everyone has been working hard working with new ideas and new mediums.  The Bartlett High School Art Department has started up the Art Club for the year.  We will meet about once a month, possibly twice a month sometimes.  I am working on organizing the Puzzle Art Collaborative Installment right now.  We will also look at some new field trip ideas.  We have elected new officers for this year!

Becky Bower's Art Studio

Welcome to my website!  I am looking forward to creating a lot of great work and experiences!  I hope to expose you all to different mediums and artists to inspire you.  We will enter some competitions to allow you to learn about showing your work.