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Intro to Business


Introduction to Business and Marketing is an introductory course designed to give students an overview of the Business Management and Administration, Marketing, and Finance career clusters. The course helps students prepare for the growing complexities of the business world by examining basic principles of business, marketing, and finance in addition to exploring key aspects of leadership, ethical and social responsibilities, and careers. Students’ academic skills in communications, mathematics, and economics are reinforced with activities modeled in the context of business topics. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will be equipped with the foundational skills to succeed in any of the Business, Marketing, or Finance programs of study and will be prepared to make an informed decision regarding which pathways they would like to pursue in high school.  



Computer Applications


Computer Applications is a foundational course intended to teach students the computing fundamentals and concepts involved in the use of common software applications. Upon completion of this course, students will gain basic proficiency in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations. In addition, students will have engaged in key critical thinking skills and will have practiced ethical and appropriate behavior required for the responsible use of technology.




My 2021-2022 Class Schedule:

Fall Semester

1st Period – Introduction to Business & Marketing

2nd Period – Computer Applications

3rd Period –  Introduction to Business & Marketing

4th Period – Introduction to Business &Marketing

5th Period – Introduction to Business & Marketing

6th Period – Computer Applications

7th Period – Planning Period


Below is a link to Clever (through Clever, my students can log-in to Canvas which is the platform replacing Curve. Assignments and Class Information will be posted on Canvas Weekly),  I have also posted a  link for My iCEV (the online curriculum I will be using for Intro to Business and Computer Applications:


How to Videos: Resources for Parents and Students


Students when logging in to Clever,

Your user ID and Password for Login are the same (it is your Powerschool ID #)

Log in to Clever



Log in to My iCEV:





Syllabus, Notes, Text Books and assignments are posted on Canva.

If you have any questions please email me @