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Welcome Bartlett High School Class of 2022 Sophomores and Parents!


I hope you and your family had a wonderful summer!  Although this year will be different, I am excited to meet you and full of Panther Pride for your class.  I will work diligently alongside students and parents to engage stakeholders, foster achievement, and inspire excellence throughout the year. I look forward to assisting you and your student with academics and person/social needs.


Please remember .. in order to earn a Tennessee regular high school diploma students must: (1) Earn the required 22 credit minimum, (2) complete the ACT or SAT, and (3) have a satisfactory record of attendance and discipline.  


Here are some tips to help you be successful this year:


  1.  Follow all school rules and policies. Doing so will make your transition to 11th and 12th grade, as well as adulthood, much smoother. 
  1.  Be respectful and conduct yourself in an orderly fashion. People see you before, during, and after school. You never know who is watching you. It could very well be the person you ask to write a letter of recommendation! This includes your social media presence!
  1.  Attend school everyday on time-whether you have chosen in-person or virtual-and come prepared. Avoid missing any classes if possible because it is very easy to fall behind. If you miss class for any reason, be responsible, ask your teachers for your make-up work, and be diligent in completing it. 
  1.  Come to class prepared with an open mind and a willingness to learn. 
  1.  Have a regular study time, manage your time wisely, and turn all assignments on time.
  1.  Check your grades on PowerSchool and your teachers’ websites to keep up with grades and assignments.
  1.  Encourage your parents to join the PTSA. The PTSA is an easy way for parents to become involved and stay informed. 
  1.  Get involved!!! Bartlett has something for everyone to do!!  Students who are involved in positive activities perform better in school and are less likely to get involved in negative or unhealthy behaviors. It also helps in presenting yourself as a well-rounded student when applying to colleges, scholarships, jobs, or other educational opportunities.  Click HERE for a listing of the Clubs & Sports we offer!
  1.  Most of all ... have fun!!  Make the best of high school and leave with no regrets.


Stop by the counseling office if you need assistance with anything. Our office is located in the Main building on the 1st floor.  I look forward to working with you and want to see each of you succeed and reach your goals. If you need anything, please feel free to email me or give me a call.  


Have a great school year!

 Mrs. Brenda Pilant

901-373-2620 ext. 7013



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