Classroom Expectations: Rules and Procedures 2018 - 19

Classroom Rules:


Follow directions and show respect towards all staff and students

Come to class on time and be prepared with all materials

Be a responsible young adult and accountable for your actions

Raise your hand to ask and answer questions

Have a positive attitude

Store ALL purses and backpacks are to be on the floor or under the desk

Adhere strictly to cell phone and personal device policies.



   Verbal Warning

    Change of seat

    Phone call or e-mail to parents

    Written referral to appropriate principal


Classroom  Procedures:

  1. Students should enter the class in a quiet manner and go directly to their assigned seat where they will do the following:
  2. Have all materials ready for the lesson (notebooks, paper, pen/pencil, computer)
  3. Make sure that your pencil is sharpened or pen has ink, and computer charged
  4. Begin posted bell work
  5. Work silently
  6. All homework must be handed in when collected.Late work will only be accepted one day late for only 80% of credit.
  7. If you are absent from class, and your absence is excused, it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed. Prepare the material that you have missed, and return it within the correct time period (see Bartlett City Schools handbook).  

Remember, it is your responsibility to turn in the missed assignments and to take the missed quizzes and/or tests. 

4.Criminology Notebook: 1 inch. 3-ring binder with 5 index dividers, and paper. Bring to class everyday.  Have a divider for the following:  Important/Dual Credit, Vocabulary, StudyGuides, and Work. You will need to keep everything until the end of the semester, except dual credit notes, which will be kept permanently.

  1. Cheating in any form or fashion will notbe tolerated, and will result in an automatic zero. Any students caught copying or allowing another student to copy their work will receive a zero for the assignment.
  2. State standards are the focus of this course and an engaged student is an indispensable part student success.
  3. Each time a student is late to class, chooses to sleep in class, or does not complete the assigned class work it will have a negative effect on his performance and reflected in his/her grade.


Grading System:    Homework, Class Participation, Class Work       30%

                                    Quizzes                                                                     30%   

                                    Tests, Projects                                                         40%