Mrs. Nicole Essex » Coding II- Weeks 6 and 7- 2/8-2/19

Coding II- Weeks 6 and 7- 2/8-2/19

Weeks 6 and 7.... BE sure to read the entire assignment.

Virtual Students be sure to see the note at the bottom of the page.

BE sure that you are all caught up with your assignments. I will be grading this week and I want to be sure that all assignments have been completed


  • Parent/ Teacher Conferences- Thursday, February 11
  • 3-6 pm
  • Virtual- by zoom call
  • Contact Guidance if you would like an appointment


Week 6

Data Structures: Unit 5

Complete the following lessons. Be sure to watch the video carefully for each section.

Work out the following exercises:
  • 5.1 What are Data Structures?
    • Watch Video and take the quiz
5.2 Introduction to Arrays
  • Watch video and take the quiz
  • Go through each example. Take notes if you need too.
  • Complete exercises:
    • 2.6. Our First Array
    • 2.7 Array Length
    • 2.8 Last Element in Array
Due Date for this unit is Friday, February 12th

All virtual students must zoom on Tuesday's and Friday's.  

Please be logged in NO LATER THAN 5 minutes after the start of class.

Zoom Information: SAME Meeting Link: 942 0710 9333

Passcode: 757123 

Week 7

Lesson 5.3 Using Arrays

Watch the video and take the quiz
PLEASE--- Work through the EXAMPLES.. They will help you
Complete the following exercises:
  • 3.6 Print Array
  • 3.7 Print Odd Array Indices
  • 3.8 Find the Minimum Index
  • 3.12 Find the Median
  • 3.13 Top Student

Try to have exercises 6, 7, and 8 done by Friday, February 19th. You are free to continue on and complete 12, and 13, as well. I will be going over key elements during the weekly zoom sessions.


Lessons 12 and 13 will be due by Wednesday, February 24th.