Bartlett High School


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Room Number:  E12
1st Period: English 11
2nd Period: English 11
3rd Period: English 11
4th Period: English 11
5th Period: English 11
6th Period: English 11
7th Period: PLAN
Week of October 17-21
Junior English
*Grammar Warm up bellringer #43-47
*Vocabulary bellringer schedule
Monday define 10 words
Tuesday complete context sentences
Wednesday complete puzzle
Thursday TEST
Read Act Two The Crucible pp1161-1181
Complete questions Act Two
Character Match
*Figurative Language Review

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Week of 9/26-9/30

Monday -Grammar warm up bell work,define vocab Lesson 7, continue reading The Crucible Act One pp1141-1147
Tuesday- GWU bell work, context sentences Lesson 7, continue reading The Crucible Act One pp1149-1157
Wednesday- GWU bell work, Vocab puzzle lesson 5,6,&7, Review for Grammar warm up test (WS)
Thursday- GWU bell work, Vocab test Lesson 7,Review for Grammar warm up test (WS)
Friday- GWU bell work, Grammar Warm Up test

English 11 Stewart/Lenahan

9/19-9/23 Assignments 
Vocab Lesson 6
Monday-Crucible PPT,Quick Write
Tuesday-Character Worksheet/Act one Questions
                Read Act 1 pp1124-1130
Wednesday- Act 1 pp 1131-1135/Questions
Thursday-Test/Quick Write-Reputation
Friday-Lou Gehrig /Literary Terms