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Knowledge is currency. Application of knowledge is power.

Welcome to the start of your senior year or Writing experience!
Whether you are enrolled in one of the courses in this classroom with the goal to attend a post secondary institution, going into the workforce, enlisting into the Armed Forces, or taking a gap year, this year is a year of discovery and transition. Make every attempt to commit to learning something more about yourself, the content, or someone else with the hope of taking a stance for change.
Bartlett High School is a place where opportunities are in abundance if you are willing to explore. So, let us try, do, and continue.
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Read IT, Think About IT, Discuss IT, Write About IT and REPEAT! Yes, in that order but not always in that order.


Check in and Updates

Hello, all. Please see the reminders for whatever class you are enrolled.
Creative Writing- Being a writer takes patience, time, words, and thoughts. You have all that you need as this list suggests. Your first story should have been submitted as of Week 2's instruction. This week, that first story will be rewritten with whatever edits you make, and there should be some. Please do not submit the same draft as your first draft. That date is Sept. 6th. Week 3 is about constructing a long poem. Let's power through with using imagery and abstract thought.
British Literature- Thinking objectively and subjectively has great importance as you continue to survey British Literature. You learn about the Anglo Saxons and Beowulf this week. So, think about your personal definitions of Honor, Loyalty, and Valor. Continue to see what the text suggests, but also look for the relativity in today's society. Your sentence pattern should be submitted on August 31st. 
AP Literature and Composition- Literature gives you so many opportunities and introductions to various thought patterns. Your job is to analyze the text for what those patterns reveal, imply, and entertain. You are finishing a suite of short fiction this week to begin constructing a paper that will showcase your comprehension and writing skills. HAPPY READING THIS WEEK. 

ZOOM Meeting

Virtual Students, please be advised that a Zoom mtg is scheduled for August 21st. How to access the link is on CURVE. Please copy that link to keep it on hand.

In Class Writing

All. The writing prompt for class this week, if you cannot access Curve, has been changed to the prompt below. If you can access Curve, please continue to use the same writing prompt for this week. Thank you!
Please be advised that we are working through a modified syllabus this week. Your focus should be writing on summer reading using the prompt below. Label your pdf document in MLA format.
The literature of choice will be one of your summer reading novels. Please be advised that Last Lecture is not to be used. 

1978. Choose an implausible or strikingly unrealistic incident or character in a work of fiction or drama of recognized literary merit. Write an essay that explains how the incident or character is related to the more realistic of plausible elements in the rest of the work. Avoid plot summary.


Additions to the Right

Added information about Clever/ Curve Access, Student Passwords, and Activating Office can be found on this Home Page to the Right!

The Danger of a Single Story

This is a good Ted Talk on perspective growth while reading different styles of literature. Exposure increases the power of the pen.

AP Lit and Comp Announcement

The scoring rubric for the AP Lit and Comp Exam looks different. Be ready to learn how to use the rubric to grow your writing beyond the test.