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Knowledge is currency. Application of knowledge is power.

No matter what content you are studying, you should always be reading. Of course, read for entertainment; however, read for knowledge. Cultivate yourself so that you can discuss just about anything or comprehend various perspectives.

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Read IT, Think About IT, Discuss IT, Write About IT and REPEAT! Yes, in that order but not always in that order.

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BNW Rubric

The Word document for the Brave New World Project has been attached. Please be mindful that it is your job to research different types of TED Talks. You should be as innovative as possible and collaborate with your partners. Your focus pitch will be due the second week in February.

"Barbie Doll" AP Lit and Comp Reading for 1/4/18

Read and Annotate in class and identify "Hi, Spam, U" in the poem on January 4th.
Write in response the prompt to ponder for 30 minutes January 5th.
Discuss on January 8th
Prompt to ponder: 

Analyze the conflict and discuss the moral and ethical implications for both the "speaker" (persona) and the society. This prompt was derived from the open question prompts of 1976.

Be mindful that this piece was published in 1971.

Attention ALL Honors Students

The WORD COUNT for the rhetorical Analysis for each act for The Tragedy of Macbeth play has been readjusted. The count can now amount to 350 words to 450 words.

Attention All AP STUDENTS

Othello Soliloquy Analysis Due Date has been changed to December 13th instead of December 6th. If you are ready to submit on original due date, please still do. 

AP Lit and Comp - Dec 1st

The reading for tomorrow's class (December 1st) is "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Please go to the AP Lit and Comp page to locate either a Pages or Word document copy of the short story to be read in class. 

AP Lit and Comp Classes

November 20th- The last literature circle for Othello 
November 21- In class Writing/ Scoring past Practice FRQ 1 and writing on for FRQ 2
November 27th-Dec 1  Multiple Choice Practice Items, Literary Term focus and Continuous practice on FRQs.

All Honors Classes

Now that Macbeth is finished, please concentrate on completing your Act Analyses, soliloquy recitations, and paper due January 8th--though the syllabus states January 5th. Be prepared to submit soliloquy rhetorical analysis on the day you are to recite. Library Days are scheduled for December 4th-8th.

All Honors Classes

Please read your syllabus. 
For November 21st, please be prepared for a literature circle to discuss Macbeth as a whole. The only materials permitted are your dialectical journals and any notes.