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Knowledge is currency. Application of knowledge is power.

No matter what content you are studying, you should always be reading. Of course, read for entertainment; however, read for knowledge. Cultivate yourself so that you can discuss just about anything or comprehend various perspectives.
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Read IT, Think About IT, Discuss IT, Write About IT and REPEAT! Yes, in that order but not always in that order.

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Literature Circles for Pygmalion and Frankenstein

All AP Students:
There will be no literature circle scheduled for Sept. 12 th or Sept. 13th. For the two books mentioned, there will only be one literature circle per book. So, Pygmalion's Literature circle will be on Sept. 18th or 19th. Frankenstein's Literature circle is in Oct. 2nd.

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Please be advised that all students will be using Curve in some shape form or fashion. Make sure you are aware of your 4 to 5 digit ID number to begin login.