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Mrs. Cathy Schwill » Q3 Week 3 - Jan. 18 - 22

Q3 Week 3 - Jan. 18 - 22


10th English – C. Schwill / C. Kelly

Q 3 Week 3 at a Glance (Jan. 18 – Jan. 22 , 2021)

*Students should log into Curve to access the full weekly agenda**



Assignments Due This Week:


    1.  Complete Complete two Pre-Assessment activities in preparation for the reading of

          “The Lamb to the Slaughter” – posted on Curve.  Opened Jan. 19.  Due Jan. 22, by 3:00

          pm.  Submitted on Curve.

    2.  Read “The Lamb to the Slaughter”  found in Curve under Short Stories.

    3.  Complete Plot Diagram and Guided Reading Questions for “Lamb to the Slaughter”

          found in Curve – Opened Jan. 20 - Submit to Curve by Friday, Jan. 22.



Upcoming Test Date (Tentatively):    

   Voc. 14 and 15 quiz Wednesday, Jan. 20. 





  1. Virtual students Zoom every Tuesday & Friday.  Zoom Links are posted in Curve.
  2. Students need to complete attendance in Curve daily.
  3. Virtual students and Hybrid students not physically in class have the option to Zoom daily in order to reinforce the reading and understanding of the short stories read in class.

       4.  Turn in “Lamb to the Slaughter” Pre-Assessment Activities (2) by 3:00


           Plot Diagram and Guided Reading Questions for “Lamb to the Slaughter”     by 3:00 PM