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Welcome to 10th Grade English

Tenth grade is an important and exciting year!  We will be reading a variety of literature, learning new vocabulary, brushing up on writing skills, and preparing for the writing assessment and TNReady test this spring.  We will be embarking on an exciting adventure, and we're glad to have your child in our class this year! 

           Each student is required to have an English notebook – a one-inch, 3 ring binder with five dividers and paper.  Notebooks are to be brought to class each day.  All classwork, homework, quizzes, handouts and tests are to be kept in the notebook, along with all notes and vocabulary.  There will be a notebook test at the end of each nine week grading period covering the material in the notebook.


            Vocabulary is an important part of the English class.  Ten words will be given each Monday.  Students are to look up the definition and match it with the vocabulary word on the  worksheet that they receive each Monday.  Students also need to complete the different vocabulary and grammar exercises that are on the vocabulary sheet.  These exercises serve as a practice and reinforce the correct usage of the vocabulary words.  Vocabulary quizzes are given each Friday.  A fifty word test will be given at the end of each five weeks.


Please be sure to check our Web page by going to,  Bartlett High School, Academics, then our name.  Mrs. Schwill updates weekly so that you will be aware of what we are doing in class and any upcoming tests or projects.  Assignments and additional information is also placed on Canvas.


            First quarter we will be reading and discussing various short stories, poems and non-fiction articles that deal with the central idea of “The Allure of Fear.” 

            Second quarter we will be reading William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar with a focus on rhetoric. 

            Third quarter we will be reading Elie Wiesel's memoir, Night.

            Fourth quarter will be reading I Know What You Did Last Summer, a suspenseful story by Lois Duncan, and Twelve Angry Men, a three act play.


            If you have a question or a concern, please contact us at:

                        [email protected]

                        [email protected]


            And, thank you for giving us this opportunity to teach your child. 

                                                                        Mrs. Cathy Schwill

                                                                        Ms. Cailin Kelly

Feel free to check my weekly "posts"  for an overview of what we will be doing each week.  Weekly Agendas will also be posted in Canvas.

Email:   [email protected]