Week of Feb. 10 - 14

Monday, Feb. 10 - Students will complete Voc. 20-2.  Vocabulary 20 words:  negligible, notoriety, obligatory, obliterate, oblivious, odious, opportune, ornate, ossify, painstaking.  Students will finish study guide for "Lamb to the Slaughter" and then watch the video over the story.  Quiz over the story tomorrow.
Tuesday, Feb. 5 - Students will review Voc. 20-2.  Students can make flash- cards for extra credit.  Flashcards are due Thursday.
Students will then complete quiz over "Lamb to the Slaughter."
Students will begin Short Story Project which will count as a test grade.  Finished Project is due Friday, Feb. 14.  Students will then create a Plot Diagram for one of the stories that they read, following the directions/guide.  Finish for homework.
Wednesday, Feb. 6 - Students will compete Voc. 20-3 and G.W.U. 20-1.  
Students will then choose one of the two plot diagrams that they created for homework to create a Short Story Comic Strip.  This Short Story Project will count as a Test grade.  Due Friday, Feb. 14.
Thursday, Feb. 7 - Extra credit flashcards will be checked.  Students will compete Voc. 20-3 and G.W.U. 20-2.  Students will continue working on their Short Story Project which will count as a test grade.  Project is due tomorrow Friday, Feb. 14.
Friday, Feb. 8 - Students will complete Voc. 20 quiz.  Students will finish Short Story Project and turn in.  Students will receive Voc. 16-20 review.