Week of Feb. 24 - 28

Monday, Feb. 24 -  Students will complete Voc. 21-2  words:  palatable, pallid, paradox, paraphrase, parody, pastoral, patent, paternal, patriarch, pauper.  Students will find at least 3 sources to use in their research paper.  Complete the Research Sheet for homework.  All students must have fully charged computers in class today and all week.  Progress Reports will be sent home today.  Parents are to sign and return by Friday in order to receive a 10 point bonus coupon.
Tuesday, Feb. 25 -  Students will review Voc. 21-2. Students will create title/works cited page through Microsoft word. Students may make flashcards for extra credit to be checked Thursday.
Wednesday, Feb. 26 - Students will complete G.W.U. 21-1 and Voc. 21-3.  Students will gather and record  notes from chosen sources.
Thursday, Feb. 27 - Flashcards are due at the beginning of class. Students will complete G.W.U. 21-2 and Voc. 21-4. Students will create and complete Thesis Statement worksheet.
Friday, Feb. 28 - Voc. 21 Quiz.  Students will complete taking notes for their paper.  All Notes are due Monday,