Monday Mar. 2 - 6

Monday, Mar. 2 - Students will complete Voc. 22-2.  Vocabulary 22 words are:  perceive, perception, perseverance, personification, pertinent, pivotal, plausible, pompous, portly, posthumous.   Students will use notes to complete Thesis Statement and outline for their research paper. Information/Directions are on Webpage and Curve/Clever.
Tuesday, Mar. 3 - Students will review and check Voc. 22-2.  Students can make flashcards for extra credit on this week's Voc. quiz.  Flashcards are due Thursday. Students MUST finish outline for homework.
Wednesday, Mar. 4 - Students will complete Voc. 22-3.  Students will begin typing their Rough Draft for their research paper.
Thursday, Mar. 7 - Students will complete G.W.U. 22-2.  Students will continue to work on rough draft.  Rough Draft Must Be Completed by Friday.
Friday, Mar. 8 - Students will complete Voc. 22 Quiz.  Students will upload rough draft on Paper Rater.  Students will receive notebook check list for Notebook Test next Wednesday.