Week of August 24 - 28

Monday, Aug. 24 -   In Curve Complete Attendance Question

                       Bellwork:   Complete Voc. 2 -2

                        Watch the PowerPoint “Background Information to Night”   -  PowerPoint has been posted in Curve under Night (Click on the Audio symbol to have it read to you.)

Tuesday, Aug. 25 -  In Curve Complete Attendance Question

                                 Bellwork:  Complete Voc. 2 – 3

                                 Finish Introduction to Night

                                  Watch the video “Introduction to Night”.   It is posted on     Curve and is a short video thatmhelps us to understand more about the background of Elie Weisel's  family and his life before his memoir begins.

        Access “The Holocaust and World War II Encyclopedia” posted on Curve.  It contains a timeline of important dates in World War II.  Click on and watch “World War II:  Maps” in order to gain a better understanding of the magnitude of World War II.

Wednesday, August 26 -  In Curve Complete Attendance Question

                               Bellwork:  Complete Voc. 2-4

                               Watch the video “The Power of Nazi Propaganda” that was filmed in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, to get a better understanding of how Hitler used propagandato influence people’s attitudes and actions.  (It is posted on Curve.)

When finished, click on the “Holocaust Propaganda Assignment” in Curve.  It consists of three different Nazi Propaganda posters.  Analyze each poster by answering the attached questions.  Submit when complete.

 Thursday, August 27  -  In Curve Complete Attendance Question

                               Bellwork:  Complete G.W.U. 2-1

Complete the test over the book that you read this summer.  The test MUST be completed today.  It is in Curve under “Summer Reading Book”

Remember to submit your study guide for the book that you read.

Complete the “First They Came for the Jews” assignment in Curve under “Night” and submit when finished

Friday, August 28  -  In Curve Complete Attendance Question

                              Submit Voc. 2 assignment

                              Complete Edgunity Grammar Lesson