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Charlotte Moss » Q3 Weeks at a Glance--English 12 Honors

Q3 Weeks at a Glance--English 12 Honors



English 12 Honors--Moss

Week at a Glance (Jan. 18-22, 2021)

*Students should log into Curve to access the full weekly agenda**



Assignments Due This Week:

  1. Answer “Play as a Whole Questions” located in the Renaissance folder on Curve. Each answer should require at least one paragraph of discussion. Turn in on Turnitin. Due Monday, Jan. 18 by 11 p.m.
  2. Complete the “Dear Diary Assignment” located in the Renaissance folder on Curve. Turn it in on Turnitin by 11 p.m. Thursday.



Upcoming Test Date (Tentatively):

All students

  1. Macbeth final exam on Quizizz Friday by 2 p.m.






  1. Virtual students Zoom every Tuesday & Friday.  Zoom links are posted in Curve.
  2. Students need to complete attendance in Curve daily.
  3. Students are to complete all assignments thoroughly and conscientiously.  If directed to read an essay or literary work, they are expected to annotate the work, marking any confusion with question marks, circling words they do not know and defining them, highlighting key points.  They should then ask questions during class about anything they do not understand. If they do not read the works and seek understanding, they will inevitably struggle. 
  4. Students should have a backup plan for turning in assignments--an alternate location in case their wifi goes down, another device they can use to turn in the work in case theirs stops working for some reason. In many cases, shutting down the computer and restarting it can make turning in assignments much easier.