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Charlotte Moss » Q3 Weeks at a Glance--Dual Enrollment English

Q3 Weeks at a Glance--Dual Enrollment English


Dual Enrollment English--Moss

Week at a Glance (Jan. 18-22, 2021)

*Students should log into Curve to access the full weekly agenda**



Assignments Due This Week:

  1. Read What is Argument?” pp. 3-14 and “African American Rhetorical Traditions” pp. 15-28. Due Wednesday by class time.
  2. Read  “African American English: From the Hood to the Amen Corner” pp. 309-406 and “Real Museums of Memphis” pp. 219-226. Due Thursday by class time.
  3. Complete Weekly Writing Assignment.  Turn in on Turnitin by Friday at 5 p.m
    1. Write an informal 200-300 word response to #1 on p. 14 or # 1 or 5 on p. 26.
    2. Write an informal 200-300 word response to # 3 or 4 on p. 405-6.


Upcoming Test Date (Tentatively)

  1. Reading quiz Wednesday during class. (all students Zoom)
  2. Reading quiz Thursday during class. (all students Zoom)





  1. Virtual students Zoom every Tuesday & Friday.  Zoom Links are posted in Curve.
  2. Students need to complete attendance in Curve daily.
  3. Use Google Chrome browser to turn in assignments on Turnitin. Safari is problematic for some reason.
  4. Students should have a backup plan for turning in assignments--an alternate location in case their wifi goes down, another device they can use to turn in the work in case theirs stops working for some reason. In many cases, shutting down the computer and restarting it can make turning in assignments much easier.