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English 12

Course Description             English 12                          Charlotte Moss                      A212


Grading Categories:

  • Major Grades—60%
  • Minor Grades—40%
  • Late homework/classwork is not accepted.  I drop one minor grade each quarter. Major assignments may be turned in only one day late and will be lowered one letter grade.



  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Blue or black ink pens
  • Earphones/Ear buds that connect to your laptop


Make-Up Work:

  • Excused absences only
  • Homework/Classwork—1 day per day absent
  • Tests—2 days per day absent
  • Essays/Projects--To be decided on an individual basis
  • Homework assigned before the absence occurs is due the day of the student's return to class.
  • A zero is recorded in PowerSchool automatically as a placeholder until the work is made up, graded, and recorded.
  • Students are responsible for making up work in a timely fashion.  They should not wait until they are given a zero in PowerSchool to ask about make-ups. 


Classroom Policies:

  • Respect your teacher, your fellow students, and yourself.
  • Follow all BHS rules.
  • Students caught cheating/plagiarizing will receive a grade of zero on the assignment.  Cheating/plagiarizing includes copying from other students and from the Internet.  Please do not work together on assignments unless directed to do so.
  • Cell phones:  I require students to “park” their cell phones in the “parking lot,” turned over and turned off. Any time I see a student using a cell phone I will turn it in to the main office.  Consider this your warning.


Format for Assignments

  • Typed, double-spaced
  • Standard 12-point font
  • One-inch margins
  • Numbered pages
    MLA documentation and citations


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