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1st Period         Dual Enrollment English

2nd Period        Dual Enrollment English

3rd Period         English 12 Standard

4th Period         Dual Enrollment English

5th Period         Planning

6th Period         Dual Enrollment English

7th Period         Dual Enrollment English



ENGL 1010––English Composition (Dual Enrollment English)


Writing is not only something that we do: it is also something we study. This course is designed to provide you with guided practice to help you develop into a more effective college writer and reader. This course is also designed to provide you with an introduction to writing studies, which is the academic inquiry into the ways we write and the ways writing works in the world. You will read and respond to an array of writing research that will help you better understand your own writing as well as that done in––and beyond––the university. You will analyze your own literacy practices and those of others, and you will conduct original research into aspects of writing that interest you.


Learning Outcomes

The work assigned in ENGL 1010 is designed to develop in first-year college writers a deeper understanding of the complexities of writing through instruction and guided practice in the skills, processes, and strategies necessary for effective, successful writing.

Students should develop and demonstrate the abilities to do the following:

A) Identify how an author’s purpose, audience, genre, and context determine effective writing

B) Discover, develop, and explain ideas through writing processes that include generating, planning, revising, editing, and proofreading multiple drafts of a text

C) Compose an effectively organized essay that focuses on a clear purpose and that develops major points that support its main idea(s) in reasonable and effective way

D) Adopt appropriate voice, tone, and level of formality

E) Critique their own and others’ writing

F) Control features such as sentence structure, grammar punctuation, spelling, and appropriate documentation (MLA)

Required Texts  (Available at University of Memphis Bookstore and at Tiger Bookstore.)

Wardle, Elizabeth and Doug Downs. Writing about Writing: A College Reader. Third Edition. Boston:Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2017.


Ball, Cheryl E., and Drew M. Lewe, eds.  Bad Ideas about Writing.  Morgantown, WV: West Virginia University Libraries Digital Publishing Institute, 2017.  Available for FREE at