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Beowulf Graphic Novel Information

Beowulf Graphic Novel Information

in addition to using your Literature book, groups may refer to the following websites for reference in creating your Beowulf Comic Page for the Class Graphic Novel:

For images, try some of the following ideas:
• In your Google Search box, enter Beowulf Resources for High School, and click the images link at the top of the page. 
• Other keywords to search for images in Google include Beowulf Images, Beowulf Images Movie, and Grendel Beowulf images.

Remember, you must give credit where credit is due so be sure to give credit to any resources, including IMAGES, that you use.
Note: Google images is NOT a proper credit for images. You must credit each website that is used for an image.

To share your resources for the book compilation, click on your Class Period's Share Page below:

Need help with using Comic Life 2 for designing your page(s)? Check out this link: