Bartlett High School


"B" Flexible; "B" Patient; "B" Responsible; "B" Prepared; "B" Ready!

Welcome to Chemistry for the 2020-21 school year. Academic success is going to come from us working together and ACTIVELY LEARNING whether you are in the classroom or virtual. You are in honors chemistry and are expected to rise to the expectations. Chemistry is challenging to study and learn. We are building a foundation for the next step in your future. We are in this together. We are experiencing a challenging moment in education. As a community we must rise to meet these challenges and seek opportunities that will keep us moving forward. 

Feel free the contact me at 373-2620 or by email,


 “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” – Zig Ziglar


I will be utilizing Curve in my classroom as the tool to communicate with students, send out assignments and general information. 

Parents and students are expected to monitor Powerschool for grades and attendance on a regular basis.


ATTENDANCE INFORMATION will be found in my "Class Policies" and "Links" Pages.

Hybrid B and 100% Virtual - on Monday you must log into Clever then Curve and answer the attendance questions for each of your classes. 1st Period must be entered by 7:15 am. You may go ahead and enter attendance for the rest of your classes then. The deadline to enter your attendance for the day is 1:20 pm. 


ALL Students: the agenda for this week is in your Honors Chemistry Curve Class (see the Computer/Online Information tab if you need directions to Curve). You should look at the appropriate agenda...Hybrid A, Hybrid B or Virtual.


Daily Schedule:

1st Pd - Honors Chemistry

2nd Pd - Honors Chemistry

3rd Pd - Honors Chemistry

4th Pd - Honors Chemistry

5th Pd - Honors Chemistry

6th Pd - Planning Period

7th Pd - Honors Chemistry