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Welcome to Mr. Gorian's Spanish homepage. As we return full time to education in the classroom, we will start the year with a thorough review of Spanish I. If you feel unprepared for Spanish II following last year's challenges, you are not alone. Rest assured, I will be patient as you find your footing in this new year. As long as you pay attention, follow directions, and take notes, you are well positioned for success. Our primary website for finding this information is Canvass. Our online textbook is 
Like most you, I wasn't born in a Spanish-speaking home, so I understand where students are most likely to have difficulties, grow discouraged, or find success by looking at concepts in a simple, step-by-step manner. Both students and parents are strongly encouraged to reach out to me any time there is a question or concern. My email address is I can't stress strongly enough that I'm here to help, and that I enjoy being contacted so that everybody involved feels confident about their Spanish. Please stay on top of your child's learning by visiting his/her Canvass page immediately and regularly. Spanish, like math, is a cumulative subject, meaning students who start off strong and stay current do great and enjoy the experience; those who procrastinate early tend to struggle and not enjoy it. So please, let's get off to a great start. Bienvenidos!