Bartlett High School


Welcome to Mr. Gorian's Spanish homepage. Through this site you will be able to email me with any question that might arise. There is also a list of links for extra practice and Spanish research. Different for the 2017-18 year, however, is a transfer of up-to-date information on class assignments, updated links, and a wealth of interaction for students, parents and myself by using Your students have already been guided to set up their free accounts for my class on (aka Curve) and Quizlet. Like most of the students, I wasn't born in a Spanish-speaking home, so I understand where students are most likely to have difficulties, grow discouraged, or find success by looking at concepts in a simple, step-by-step manner. Both students and parents are strongly encouraged to reach out to me any time there is a question or concern. I can't stress strongly enough that I'm here to help, and that I enjoy being contacted so that everybody involved feels confident about their Spanish. Bienvenidos a español!