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            Welcome to Mrs Díaz-Madero Spanish II, III, IV and AP


          Quiz - Wednesday                                                             Test - Friday
                                Tutoring - Wednesday and Friday after school

“Caminante no hay camino se hace camino al andar y al voltear la vista atrás se ve la senda que nunca más se ha de volver a pisar”    Antonio Machado
Hola, Hello, Salut, Ciao!

 I hope you enjoy learning Foreign Languages as much as I do. In Today’s Global markets speaking a Foreign Language will provide many wonderful opportunities for you, and it will open many doors in your future. Be consistent, study on a regular basis and you’ll see the results of your efforts. Studying a little bit every day will provide much better results than trying to cram the night before the quiz or test. Remember you want to speak the language and this is the only way World Languages give results.

Parents, remember that in order for the students to learn Spanish, I need to speak to them in Spanish. The first two weeks I am evaluating your son/daughter. I speak Spanish first then I translate and I continue doing this until eventually I am only speaking Spanish because your son/daughter understands.
Opportunities to be successful in the class are in place but your son/daughter needs to come prepared knowing the vocabulary so he/she understands and can start speaking.

                                           My Class Schedule is:

                                           1st  Period- Planning
                                           2nd Period- Spanish III 
                                           3rd Period - Spanish AP 
                                           4th Period - Spanish III
                                           5th Period - Spanish IV
                                           6th Period - Spanish III  
                                           7th Period - Spanish II