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 Ms. Lenahan’ s Schedule  2016-2017

 Periods 1 and 2

Co teach English 12/Mrs. JohnsonE14


Periods 3, 4,5 and 6

Co teach English 11 /Coach Stewart E12


Period 7

Planning Period / Parent/IEP conferences

If you need to contact me, call 373-2620 ext 258 or email me at

Welcome to Bartlett High and Junior/Senior English!!
Sept 12-19--Junior English
Senior English -See Mrs. Johnson's website!
*Our vocab is Lesson Review. It is the list of 50 words that we have studied this quarter.  Review Puzzle is due and test is Thursday. 9/15
*We reviewed the Life of Ben Franklin on 9/12 with a 4,5,6 + 1 note taking. Next we will do a website for Oladuah Equine followed by a review of library terms with Lou Gehrig's Retirement  Speech.
Also we have a PROJECT due on Franklin's aphorisms.  Students are to choose one aphorism to illustrate on a plain sheet of paper.  It must have color in the picture.  Due date Thursday 9/15
Parent conferences are Thursday 9/15. Contact Guidance if you would like to schedule a time.
Week of October 17-October 21
Senior English--- See Mrs. Johnson's website!!
Junior English--
*GWU Grammar Warm Up is completed for bell work each day.  We will start the week with #43.
*Vocabulary  Bellringer follows the schedule
Monday- define words
Thursday -TEST
*Continue reading The Crucible
 ReadAct 2 PP1161- 1181
 Complete Act Two questions 
 Character Match
*Figurative Language review