Bartlett High School

Physical Education

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1st-Recreational Games
2nd-Recreational Games
3rd- Recreational Games
4th-Recreational Games
6th-Adaptive PE
7th- Planning Period


Recreational Games

Course Description:
This course is designed to introduce a variety of lifetime and team sports that promote an active, healthy lifestyle which will lead to improved mental, physical, social, and emotional health. A fitness component will also be involved to help increase the activity level and combat childhood obesity.

1.         To improve your overall fitness level and well-being (physical, social, mental and emotional health).
2.         To gain a better knowledge and develop skills in a variety of sports and activities.
3.         To foster a sense of teamwork, cooperation and better communication.
4.         To increase the quality of our lives through exercise.
5.         To complete the SHAPE fitness requirements as mandated by the state.

Frisbee Pole                                                                Volleyball       
Tether Ball                                                                   Badminton
Tennis                                                                          Wiffle Ball
Bowling                                                                        Basketball
Handball                                                                      Kick Ball
Pickleball                                                                     Soccer
Ultimate Frisbee                                                          Flag Football
Scooter Football                                                          A Variety of Cardiovascular and fitness                                                                                               activities

Dress Out/Participation:
Students are required to dress out and participate daily. Only a doctor’s note and one parent note will be accepted as an excuse for not participating. All personal belongings will be locked in the locker room during class. If the student has valuables, those may be handed in to the teacher. 

Grading: 1st and 2nd nine (9) weeks average:      
Daily Grades – 70%

•           Participation
•           Dressing out
•           Safety practices and skill assessments

Written test and Skills test – 30%

*Teacher reserves the right to modify or delete any information in this syllabus