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If you are an "in-person" student, you will come to my classroom at Bartlett High School, room F115 on your assigned days and times.  You will need to bring your laptop everyday you are on campus. You can choose your own seat in my class, but you have to keep it all year. On days when you are at home, you will log into Clever, then Curve, then click on the appropriate course, and then look for the days lesson or daily check in. If you need assistance - please don't email me through curve - email me at   On days you are NOT on campus, you MUST log into my class in curve and answer daily attendance challenge by 1:20 PM! If you do not respond by then, you will be marked absent. 
If you are a 100% virtual student, you will log in to clever, and then go to curve, look for "your class" and then look for the day's lesson and The daily attendance question, which you must answer everyday by 1:20 PM.  Information on Zoom sessions with you will be coming soon! 
Use "Chrome" as your browser for running Curve. It works much better.
What to expect - 
This will be the weirdest start to a school year that any of us have ever experienced! Your teachers and principals have never done this " virtual/hybrid/online" learning before, either. It may not go perfectly on day one for everyone. It will take time for all of us to "get the hang of it", including me! I ask you to please be patient with me and I will extend the same grace to you! 
If you are an on-campus student, expect classrooms to look different. Desks are spaced out. Teachers and students will be wearing masks. You will be told to stay 6 feet away from others at all times - even when changing classes, using the restrooms, and at lunch. This is for everyone's safety. Teachers will no longer "pass things out" and classwork will be done on the computer. You will be given 10 minutes to change classes so you are able to keep your distance from others while you travel.  It's possible you will have trouble with zoom or other technology on day one. If this happens, don't panic -- just email your teacher and let them know. If you are new to the BHS campus,  you might be concerned about getting lost - but remember - its a brand new campus to everyone. Please ask a student or any adult for help!