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Personal Finance

The goal of this course is to help students to become financially responsible members of society.  

In this course, students will explore careers and learn about income, spending, credit, saving, investing, insurance, and taxes.  

This course will give students the tools that they need to make wise financial decisions while they navigate the financial complexities that exist in today's world.

Personal Finance is a one-semester course that is a required for graduation.



This course is an introduction to Statistics: The science of collecting, organizing, summarizing, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data.

In this course, students will learn methods and tools to efficiently guide their audience to conclusions that are supported by data.  In addition, students will be able to interpret and analyze summaries presented by others.

Statistics is a one-semester course that satisfies ½ credit in math.



This course is an introduction to Calculus: The mathematical study of change.   

In this course, students will learn about rate of change and accumulation.  They will learn how to apply concepts that they learned in Algebra and Geometry to real world problems that tend not to follow constant (or linear) relationships.

Introduction to Calculus is a one-semester course that satisfies ½ credit in math.


Boys Cross Country & Track (distance running)

Philosophy:  The overall goal is to teach excellence through running.  Many positive characteristics are gained and life lessons learned while on a quest to be the best.  Striving to be the best is the necessary element to making distance running a vehicle for significant learning. 

Running distance at Bartlett High School will develop the following leadership characteristics within each runner:  (1) Ethics & Integrity, (2) Huge desire to be the best, (3) Strong work ethic, (4) Ownership, Responsibility, & Accountability, (5) Teamwork, (6) Attitude worth catching, (7) Encouraging others, (8) Leading by example.

Because distance running is an endurance sport, it is a year-round endeavor.


My Schedule:  Semester 1/ Semester 2

1st Period:  Statistics / Personal Finance

5th Period:  Personal Finance

2nd Period: Personal Finance / Calculus

6th Period:  Personal Finance

3rd Period: Personal Finance / Calculus

7th Period:   Planning

4th Period:  Statistics / Personal Finance

After School:  Cross Country / Track


My Background:

General Manager

Strategic Planning Director

Sales Director

Product Manager

Manufacturing Manager

Project Engineering

BS Mechanical Engineering, Rice University

Division I, Varsity Track & Field and Cross Country

2 x High School Texas 5A Cross Country State Champions

All-American High School Cross Country Team

Nations fastest 4 x 1600 m relay Team