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Remind Information

**Parents AND Students, for in-class communication, we will be using Remind. PLEASE text the appropriate class information below (include the @ symbol) to the number indicated. Parents, when you sign-up, please put your name and your student’s name as the username. This will enable us to send quick texts to remind the classes of tests or to make whole class announcements, etc. Once it is done (quick and easy), we will not see phone numbers, only names. You can also send secure private messages back to us via this method.  



2nd Period: Text @kcacdk9f to 81010             3rd Period: Text @a8fa8bhg to 81010


4th Period: Text @33e2ccc6 to 81010           5th Period: Text @3794e7c66 to 81010


6th Period: Text @9fec9e9hf to 81010           7th Period: Text @khe8b3deb to 81010


Please ask your student how your participation will benefit them.


Thank you for staying engaged parents!