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Computer Applications equips students with the computer literacy skills necessary to adapt to emerging technologies used in the global marketplace. Students will discover how to implement personal and interpersonal skills for a rapidly evolving workplace environment. Topics covered include operating systems and networking, computer viruses and more.
Personal Finance is constructed to teach students how the benefits of having responsible personal financial planning can positively effect their future goals and earning potential.Topics include money management, savings, investing, interest, planning for the future, importance of credit, and insurance.


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My Class Schedule:

1st Period – Personal Finance

2nd Period – Personal Finance

3rd Period – Computer Applications

4th Period – Computer Applications

5th Period – Computer Applications

6th Period – Computer Applications

7th Period – Planning


Below is a link to Clever (through Clever, my students can log-in to Curve & Edgenuity),  I have also put links up for Personal Finance: Foundations Digital, Foundations University,  and Edgenuity for Intro to Business used for my classes:


How to Videos: Resources for Parents and Students


Students when logging in to Clever,

Your user ID and Password for Login are the same (it is your Powerschool ID #)

Log in to Clever


Edgenuity Login


 Foundations Digital Website


Foundations University Website (additional Finance Resources)



Syllabus, Notes, Text Books and assignments are posted on Curve.